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Process Monitoring

The process monitoring should be seen as assistance to the operators in evaluating plant performance. Via the
Internet we will follow the process and suggest possible improvements. It is not intended that we follow the process
constantly, but we evaluate the performance, for instance once a week, and if anything looks to be out of bounds,
we take contact immediately or correct it directly if possible. The level of interaction always has to be negotiated
with the operators, but as a principle we never take action before the operators are informed and have accepted
the action. 

Above you can see monitoring a plant in Portugal on the portable computer.

Remote control and process monitoring are done via the Internet by use of the highly rewarded GoToMyPC remote
control system. This is a secure line connection that uses the same technique as most web based banking. All traffic
from the plant is outbound so no changes in firewalls are necessary. Please see http://www.gotomypc.com for details,
especially on security.