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Process Analysis

Process analyses have the goal of finding optimum operating conditions. By analysing process correlations
and constraints, we gain knowledge to run the process as economical as possible. Two cement kilns follow the same physics,
but their operating points and sensitivity can be quite different.

The tools can range from simple xy-plotting of one variable against another to adaptive large-scale neural networks,
where many signals influence an estimation of performance variables.

Once the relationship between the control variables and the performance variables are established, the task of running the
process in the optimum way is often easily accomplished.

During the process analyses we catch most of the malfunctions in the instrumentation and control, like shielding
and grounding errors, unacceptable backlash in control equipment, poorly adjusted PID controllers etc.

The SIMEQ system makes an excellent platform for process analyses due to the well-known capabilities of Matlab in this field.


Some of the built in functions are shown on the example pages:

  1. XY Plotting – including basic fitting
  2. XYZ Plotting
  3. Frequency Analyses
  4. Cross Correlation

The functions operate directly on signal names and fetch the data from the underlying log system.

Simple commands like torque=Log60Avg ( ‘W1_Torque’ , now , now-14 ) takes the last 14 days kiln torque from the log system
with 60 sec sampling time end places the values in the variable torque. Further treatment can then be done with standard
Matlab commands.