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Programming Example


Assume you want to calculate the mean value between two signals in the control system and write
the result to a third signal. 

What to do:

We make this application 3, so open App03 Command Window. 

The resulting picture will be like below: 

Now at the >> prompt, type
>>edit TaskInit
and the result will be the editor opening with TaskInit.m


Insert how often the program should run in  SYS.Ts=10. Meaning each 10 sec.
Save the file. 

Now open the file TaskScheduler.m either by writing ‘edit TaskScheduler’ in the command window
or press ‘file open’ and select the file. The result is shown below: 


Leave the line with the command AppGetPointValues, because we here need to get values from
the control system. 

Add the following lines to make the program: 

And then start the task: 

You now have the mean value written to the point ‘Z4M01L3’ every 10 seconds.

A short explanation:

The functions PVa(‘Z4M01L1’) and PVa(‘Z4M01L2’) gives you the present process values.
The signalmean is then the sum divided by 2.

The function writeDPV(‘Z4M01L3’,signalmean) will write the value of signalmean to the process value
with the tagname ‘Z4M01L3’.  

Normally the task is not programmed directly in TaskScheduler, but in a function, which is then called
from TaskScheduler.

The Workspace Browser, is used to monitor the variables in the present workspace, but also the
editor has a good tiptool text giving the values of most variables when you point them.


The variable SYS contains all information from the underlying control system.
Functions like PVa(‘tagname’) is used to extract the information in an easy way.

The File Browser shows all files in the present directory. 

Here you can double click on one of the files in this application to open it in the editor. The editor picture
is shown above, where we enter the program. 

When a file is in the editor, you can insert breakpoints, where the program execution will stop so
you can inspect the values. You can then single step the program, line by line, to check what happens
is what you expect. 

And finally, you have access to the excellent Matlab Help Browser

During development, you will often have all of the above windows open.

During operation, the SIMEQ system is normally invisible.


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